Fridge Trailer

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  • 5850
    1984 Busaf Trailer
    R165,000.00 Price

    1984 Busaf Tri axle with fridge body - In-house finance available

  • 5854
    1985 Afrit Trailer
    R165,000.00 Price

    26 Palleter Tri axle fridge trailer with super two max thermoking unit and data cold temperature recorder - In-house finance available

  • 5857
    1988 Fridge Trailer
    R165,000.00 Price

    Tri axle 26 Pallet 13.5m with super single tyres and thunder bird carrier fridge unit - In-house Finance Available

  • 9092
    1983 CI Trailer
    R175,000.00 Price

    Fridge trailer with thermoking carrier on 2 axle mechanical suspension - In-house Finance Available

  • 9097
    1991 Henred Trailer
    R205,000.00 Price

    13.5m Tri axle fridge trailer with thermoking fridge unit with tail lift on mechanical suspension - In-house Finance Available