About Us

Edan Traders has become a household name in Used Truck sales and Trailer Rentals. We believe that this was accomplished through our commitment to service excellence, a trait that is often absent in our industry. We like to refer to it as the "Edan Touch".


One of the biggest advantages of buying a used vehicle through Edan Traders is the fact that we re-upholster and respray most of our vehicles, before delivering it to you. You have the benefit to get involved with your own personal requirements with regards to the aforementioned, and we will gladly assist in delivering your truck in the colors of your choice.


At Edan Traders we offer our own customized in-house finance packages to customers, assisting in alleviating some of the frustrations found when having to arrange finance through some of the major banking groups. Feel free to discuss your financing requirements with us. We have assisted many a customer in acquiring a vehicle.

Trailer Rentals

One of our extremely successful contributions to the Transport community is our Trailer Rental service. Yes, we have a trailer available for rent that will fulfil your needs at a cost that make it easy to rent a trailer through us for your additional haulage requirements. To find our more, simply select Trailer Rentals from the main menu.