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Water and Fuel Tanker Trailers available with various configurations - please use the list below for quotation ordering


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R 125,000.00
2Em Sportrailer

Double Axle Water Tanker 'As Is'

R 115,000.00
2005 Bitueman Trailer

Double Axle Stainless Steel Insulated Bitueman Tanker Front Link

R 125,000.00
1979 Henred Trailer

3 Axle Tanker For Sand With Super Single Tyres And Compressor 'As Is'

R 85,000.00
1977 Henred Trailer

Tandem Axle Molasus Tanker

R 80,000.00
1979 RSA Trailer

4 X Teet 2 Axle Tanker Ideal For Grain 'As Is'

R 120,000.00
1992 Tee Trailer

Tandem Tandem Cement Interlink No Blower Trailer

R 235,000.00
1982 Tank Clinic Trailer

Aluminium Tanker Double Axle, 6 Compartment, 24 500 LTS on Petrol OR Diesel with Pumps and Metres

R 275,000.00
1996 TFM Trailer

Drawbar tanker with pumps, pipes and metres, 6 compartments diesel 25099L and petrol 32232L

R 125,000.00
2000 Anderson Engineering Trailer

18 000 LTS Front link tanker

R 160,000.00
1997 Henred Trailer

11 cube double axle tanker

R 95,000.00
1980 Duncan Andrew Trailer

1980 Duncan Andrew Trailer 40 Cubic Meter double axle dry bulk pneumatic tanker fitted with pipes on spring suspension for sale, finance available

R 95,000.00
1979 Duncan Andrew Trailer

40 Cubic Meter double axle dry bulk pneumatic tanker fitted with pipes on spring suspension

R 160,000.00
1997 Henred Fruehauf Tailer

1997 Henred Fruehauf Tailer

11 cube 2 axle tanker

For sale, finance available

R 155,000.00
1982 Samtor Trailer

1982 Samtor Trailer

Double axle toxic chemical tanker for waste water or old oil

For sale, Finance available

R 695,000.00
2010 SA Truck Bodies Trailer

2010 SA Truck Bodies Trailer

Tri axle diesel tanker with pumps, meters and vapour recovery 7 compartments

For sale, Finance available

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