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Lowbed dolly trailers, Stepdecks and Slope Decks available with various configurations - please use the list below for quotation ordering


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Cobalt C50
R 629,000.00
NEW Cobalt C50

Tri Axle Slope Deck 50Ton Lowbed Trailer on Air Suspension, One Lift Axle; 10M Bed; 2.6M Wide; Clip off Neck; Outriggers; Tool Box and Spare Wheel Carrier

Cobalt C75
R 1,350,000.00
New Cobalt C75

4 Axle slope/well deck lowbed trailer with 12m deck, 3.2m wide with outriggers on air suspension and two lift axle 13 ton axles with double axle dolly 75 ton capacity

R 422,000.00
New Cobalt 3 Axle

Stepdeck (Heavy Duty) 2.6m wide with outriggers, spring loaded ramps on mechanical suspension

R 479,000.00
New Cobalt 3 Axle

Stepdeck Trailer (Heavy duty) 2.6m wide with outriggers, spring loaded ramps on air suspension and one lift axle

R 210,000.00
2010 Top Trailer

2010 Top Trailer Double axle stepdeck (To be converted)

R 135,000.00
2004 Transpec Trailer

12.3m Double axle stepdeck - In-house Finance available

Cobalt C60
R 1,030,000.00
New Cobalt C60

3 axle well deck lowbed with 12m deck, 3.2m wide, 14.5m wheel base with outriggers on air suspension & one lift axle

Cobalt C65
R 1,250,000.00
New Cobalt C65

4 Axle Slopedeck lowbed trailer with 12M deck 3.2M Wide With Outriggers On Air Suspension And Two Lift Axle 13 Ton Axles With Single Axle Dolly 65 Ton Capacity

R 422,000.00
New Cobalt 3 Axle

New Cobalt 3 Axle Stepdeck with Beavertail on steel suspension 31 tons

R 145,000.00
1979 Hyster Trailer

1979 Hyster Trailer 10.3m Double axle lowbed with folding goose neck on mechanical suspension - In-house Finance available

R 235,000.00
1980 Henred 15m Triaxle Stepdeck Trailer

1980 Henred 15m Tri Axle stepdeck trailer on mechanical suspension with manual ramps for sale - In-house Finance available

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